What is pravatami.bg?

“www.pravatami.bg: the decoded law” is the pilot project of the non-governmental organization Department for Legal Culture. Our main goal is to provide useful and practical legal information in an understandable way for the readers. We believe this considerably contributes for the development of the legal culture of our society, which  will enhance the  democratic development. The “Rights” are short articles that place the reader in a particular situation  and decodes its rights (for ex. “I bought a car. Now what?).

What pravatami.bg is NOT?

The articles on the website do not claim to be comprehensive and exhaustive and do not cover all the possible cases in life. We do not profit from the website. Our only purpose is to provide you with valuable information about your rights and the corresponding obligations.

Who are the authors?

The articles also named by us as “The Rights” are written by law students and young legal professionals. The platform is open also for external authors and everyone who has interest can join and contribute to the website by becoming an author.

How a “Right” is created?

The Editorial team proposes a list with topics of interest for the upcoming months. Every author picks up a particular topic, researches and analyses the legal framework and afterwards starts decoding the law. Every article is edited by the Editorial team – the purpose is to have a content that is legally correct and easily understandable for the public.  Every published Right is kept up to date with the changes in the legislation.

How are we sure that all Rights are up to date?

Every legal statement of our authors is based on a relevant legal provision. All legal provisions (articles, paragraph etc.) are mentioned at the end of the article in section “Sources”. We have entered all these ‘sources’ in a special software that follows the legislative amendments. If there is a change-> we receive a  notification-> we update.

How old is pravatami.bg?

We have been online since 03.09.2012. The idea was born on the  8th of December 2011 and the work started in the beginning of 2012. Since then we are proud to have earned the trust of almost 2 million people and of 80 000+ through our mobile app. Our work has been also recognised through the BG Site 2013 award in the category ‘’Cause’’, the first place in the Bulgarian NGO web awards and the nomination for Human of the year.

How the project is funded?

Within the period 01.02.2014 – 31.12.2015 pravatami.bg was supported financialy by America for Bulgaria Foundation. Currently the project is funded only by the Department for legal culture. Our platform is 100% free for the users and does not have any commercial banners. We rely to a great extent on the appreciation of our readers who help us to maintain the website with contributions in the ‘Support us’ section.

Can I use the articles or parts of them?

We encourage sharing in the social networks or via e-mail. However, using texts from pravatami.bg for any other purposes  is permitted only after approval of  the Team.

I have a legal problem. Do you offer any legal counselling?

pravatami.bg does not provide any personal legal counselling. For the moment, neither the authors nor the other team members provide legal advices on single case basis. Currently, we are working on expanding our activities. Sign up for our newsletter and as soon as we are ready, we will notify you.

I need a lawyer! Could you recommend me someone?

This kind of information is not yet part of our platform. Stay tuned by signing up for our newsletter and we will let you know when it is available.

(*) If you have any other question please contact us (*)